Key Stage 4

This relates to 16 year olds.

Published data
A lot of the data currently available for North Yorkshire  is for children with ASD and a statement, and there is little data for children with ASD on School Action or School Action Plus. This is a limitation caused by the small number of eligible children. The government does not publish the data where numbers are very small in order that individual children cannot be identified. The data refers to children in maintained schools only.

Source of data
Most of this information is published by The Department of Education here. For an analysis of the data, please view the blog articles on the home page.

The graphs compare North Yorkshire to the lower quartile, median and upper quartile of all local authorities in England. For an explanation of the lower quartile, median, upper quartile and percentile rank see here.

Any GCSE passes

Percentile rank
2008 35.2%
2009 25.2%

5 A* to C GCSEs

Percentile rank
2008 83.3%
2009 61.1%

5 A* to C GCSEs inc maths & english

Percentile rank
2008 98.0%
2009 69.2%

SEN attainment gap

The best performing authorities have the smallest attainment gap using this measure

Children without SEN

As well as looking at the SEN attainment gap, we can see how well children without any identified SEN perform:

Percentile rank
2008 71.6&
2009 80.6%