Saturday, 23 February 2013


Here's a Freedom of Information request from January 2012 regarding NYPACT (the "voice for parents of children with special needs")


1 Please list the meetings NYPACT have been invited to, or attended, in the last calendar year. 
2 Please provide minutes of those meetings.
3 Are any other parent groups regularly invited to attend these meetings?
NYPACT does not provide on its website details of its own meetings or minutes of prior meetings, except the last AGM.
It does not provide any details of the meetings it has attended as 'parental representatives' with the Council nor has it published the views it has put forward at these meetings, nor how those viewswere reached.
Although NYPACT has conducted a small number of surveys in the past, there is no evidence it has sought the views of parents in a wider sense before attending meetings with the Council on particular issues.
3 What steps did the Council take before nominating NYPACT as the group to consult with to ensure the views put forward by NYPACT are representative and an effective forum for the parent voice?
4 What mechanism is currently in place to ensure the views of NYPACT are representative of parents across the County? Does theCouncil 'audit' the role of NYPACT? If so, please provide any reports. If not, why not?
5 Does the Council provide an agenda and relevant reports, in good time, for each meeting that NYPACT attends?
6 Does the Council supply minutes of meetings afterwards to NYPACT?
7 If the Council does not believe that the views put forward byNYPACT are representative of parents generally, what mechanism isin place to seek alternative parental representation?