Saturday, 23 February 2013

The case of the missing complaints data

An amusing exchange at here, extracted below:

Dear North Yorkshire County Council,

Hello. Please provide

1 the complaints data and
2 the complaints analysis

referred to in paragraph 2.2 of the Equality Impact Assessment "Transforming Services for Children with Special Educational Needs and/ or a Disability (SEND), Strategy for SEND 2011-14" which can
be found here:

Yours faithfully,
A Oleo

Dear A Oleo 
I am writing in response to your recent Freedom of Information request regarding the Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) for North Yorkshire's Strategy for Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) 2011-14. This document was originally written as the draft SEND strategy was being developed. With regard to section 2.2 of the EIA, where it states "complaints data is also available", the use of the word 'complaints' is not strictly accurate, as more specifically it refers to levels of 'satisfaction' amongst parents of children with SEND across a range of factors when compared with the whole parent cohort, rather than 'complaints' made. This specific wording is currently under review to better represent the context of how this data was gathered and has been used..... 
Yours sincerely
Claire KaneAdmin Office

Dear Claire Kane,

Thank you for your response.

Section 2.2 of the EIA is quite explicit. There is a paragraph regarding the parents survey, to which you refer, then a paragraph regarding the Health Related Behaviour Questionnaire and then the

"Complaints data is also available'. It is entirely separate. The word 'also' would suggest this is data is additional to and separate from the parent survey information.

I would therefore like you to review this decision and publish the complaints data or any complaints data and analysis you have regarding SEN

Yours sincerely,

A Oleo

Dear Mr Oleo 
I refer to your email of the 8 April regarding your recent Freedom of Information request.
The council has reviewed its first reply to your request, and considered your later comments about the sentence "Complaints data is also available" that appears by itself in the report. That sentence suggests that the Council holds more information than it does. The only information gathered in the academic year 2010-11 that is held that fulfils your original request, without disclosing the personal data of those concerned, is as follows.
Specific learning difficulties 6
SEN related issues 18
SEN statutory assessments 6
Bullying 16
Other Behavioural, emotional, social difficulties 6
Attached is an overview of SEND complaints for your information. 
Yours sincerely
Julie Hutson
CYPS Business Support Manager